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If the cleanliness of the shoes sums up the person nothing says more about a business than the state of its windows.

Smeared, dirty and tatty windows and glass can leave a lasting impression on customers – communicating that you have little regard for your corporate image and, at the very worst, that business is far from booming.

Futurekleen’s specialist external and internal cleaning specialists have cleaned, revamped and renewed thousands of windows and glass structures throughout the country, ranging from highly specialist works to glass fenestrations at important listed sites, innovative glass structures showcasing the UK’s most exciting architecture to ongoing window/glass cleaning and maintenance programmes across private and commercial property portfolios.

Futurekleen will devise a bespoke programme of works within the shortest time parameters using the safest and most cost effective methods.

Over the last 15 years, Futurekleen as put together a leading team of highly skilled rope access operatives, used where necessary in conjunction with a wide range of specialist access machinery, to offer value for money window cleaning and maintenance solutions, with the very minimum risk to health and safety and on site disruption and fuss.

Where suitable, Futurekleen’s pioneering Tucker Pole system provides a quick, safe and cost effective way of cleaning external and internal structures up to 20 meters in height without the use of ladders - the second highest cause of industrial injury in the UK - also making expensive scaffolding, cherry pickers, cranes and cradles redundant.

Our high level external and internal cleaning and maintenance team will provide the cheapest, safest and most effective way of getting into the hardest to reach areas.

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