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Abseiling and industrial rope access

Futurekleen has the expertise to find solutions to your most challenging industrial cleaning and maintenance requirements, whether it’s abseiling a ten metre rollercoaster to give it a fresh coat of paint or dropping down deep into the heart of London’s Victorian sewers to carry-out vital maintenance work.

Futurekleen’s high level industrial rope access team stunned passers by with their aerial feats high above Milton Keynes’ Iconic Snow Dome – proving challenging and, not to mention, spectacular cleaning and maintenance projects are all in a days work for FK.

Our high-level rope access team will provide the cheapest, safest and most effective way of getting into the most inaccessible areas to carry out specialist external and internal cleaning and maintenance work.

Abseiling minimises the need for expensive access machinery such as scaffolding, cherry pickers, cranes and cradles; making rope access an ideal choice for domestic situations as well as large commercial organisations.

The high level team consists of experienced specialist cleaners, painters, maintenance staff and craftsman. Rope Access staff are all trained in work and rescue techniques by IRATA, the sole global governing body for the work-at-height sector, and hold multiple safety accreditations.

Abseiling worker
Group of workers on side of building

Our services include:

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows and glass structures

External and internal maintenance

External and internal building cleaning and maintenance

Graffiti removal

Graffiti and chewing gun removal

Pest control

Urban pest control

Corrugated roof repairs

Flat and corrugated roof repairs and water proofing

Gutter repair

Gutter repair and renovation


Cleaning and painting external steelwork

Our high level external and internal cleaning and maintenance team will provide the cheapest, safest and most effective way of getting into the hardest to reach areas.

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